Bob Moreland is the owner of Brushstroke Signs in Sheffield.  Originally from South Wales he started his own sign writing business in 1995 after several years of working in the signage and exhibition department of a nationwide chain of Cash & Carry stores.  During this time, Bob was also trained as a traditional sign writer in London and has a strong foundation of many years experience in the sign business.


In the years that followed, he worked for many major companies including Asda, Tesco and Safeway supermarkets as well as work for Big W and Brains Brewery in Wales as well as individual businesses and customers.


Bob has also worked extensively throughout the UK and Southern Ireland for B&Q on new store openings.  These contracts ran for several weeks and involved taking full responsibility for all hand written point of sale throughout the stores.  This work also included banners, blackboard work and large scale art projects for the stores' opening day event.  


in 2007, Bob aquired workshop premises near to his home in Sheffield and has developed a thriving signage business with the emphasis on high quality signage at excellent and competitive prices.


Brushstroke Signs offers their customer a comprehensive range of signage, from vinyl and digital packages to professionally hand written signs.  You can be assured of a friendly service, attention to detail and a quick turnaround.


Brushstroke Signs is based in the north of Sheffield, South Yorkshire and whilst the majority of their customers are from within the region, Bob creates signage for customers throughout the UK.  Bob has also established himself as a blackboard signwriter/artist and works regularly for Whitbread and Greene King Breweries.  He has also worked with London Inns and many Freehouse establishments including the award winning Yorkshire Bridge in the Peak District.


This family run company takes a great pride in their work and has a strong commitment to delivering quality signage to their customers at excellent value for money.

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