As a customer at Brushstroke SIgns, your privacy is of the utmost importance.  You can rest assured that your details will never be held on file or passed onto any third party at anytime.  

Bank account details are sometimes necessary to complete a transaction.  These details will remain confidential while the transaction is in process and upon completion, will not be stored or passed onto any third party.

Terms & Conditions


Payment & Retention of Goods

Goods shall remain the property of Brushstroke Signs until payment has been received in full.  


Where credit terms have not been agreed, payment must be made immediately and in full upon completion of the work done as per the final order, or upon collection in person by the customer.


Brushstroke Signs currently accepts the following payment methods: cheque or cash, or through a paypal invoice.


Where payment is not normally to be made until after delivery and the latter is delayed by the Customer's inability or unwillingness to accept  the delivery at the time the goods are ready for despatch, the Company reserves the right to demand immediate payment in full after giving notice of its readiness to deliver the goods and to charge the Customer any storage expenses it may have to incur, all such storage being entirely at the Customer's risk.


The company reserves the right to charge 10% on any outstanding upaid invoices for work done from day 15 of the invoice being issued.   Brushstroke Signs does not, at the current time, offer any credit or monthly payment terms.


Orders of work via the website must be paid directly by Paypal.  When the funds have cleared the work will be completed and dispatched.  If no payment has been received for an online order within 7 days, the company reserve the right to terminate the order which becomes null and void.





A quote is issued to you, the customer upon receipt of information relating to a specific job which you, the customer are entirely responsible.  You must make us aware of any ammendments before accepting the quote and these amendments will be taken into consideration and as such, the original quote may differ in its final sum due to these amendments.


The customer will be responsible for, and determine the suitabitlity of any product and its intended use when ordering from Brushstroke Signs.  We, the Company, will be in no way liable for any loss or damage  - resulting herein from direct, indirect or consequential, arising from the use of or inability to use, any of our products.


Description of Goods, Prices and Quotations & Orders for Work

A description of goods may be subject to change at any time without any given reason.  The description is an indication of  the types of goods offered by the Company and therefore does not constitute a sale by description.


Artwork for blackboards is customised by us, the business, to reflect the nature of the promotion requested and this format of artwork is included in the set price structure as listed.  Any specific artwork that the customer requires such as company logos or detailed bespoke art must be mentioned at the time of ordering and any jpegs or pdf's showing the required art/graphics for reproduction to be attached to the email.  A quote will be made based upon the nature of the art/graphics to be reproduced and will be sent to the customer for approval.  Sizes ordered which are larger than shown will be subject to an additional shipping charge and the customer will be notified accordingly.


Prices and special offer promotions are subject to increase or decrease, alteration or withdrawal at any given time.  All our prices exclude VAT as the company is not VAT registered at present.


A quote is made based upon the quantities and information provided by the customer.  Quotations are valid for 30 days and the Company reserves the right to increase the price to take into consideration labour, materials or other costs between the first day of the quote and the actual day of delivery.   The customer must make the Company aware of any changes before accepting the final quote.  Once the final quote is accepted by the customer, an invoice will be issued through paypal where appropriate and the job will be undertaken.


Verbal orders must be confirmed within two days.  

Online or telephone or email orders will be subject to a final acceptance by the company.

If the customer cancels an order before its completion the customer will be liable to pay a sum equal to the cost of labour and materials and overheads, plus the amount of profit the company would have made in the execution of the said order up to and including the date of cancellation.

Delivery of Goods, Returns and Refunds proceedure

Dates and times of delivery of goods are to be taken as an estimation and the company will not be held liable for failure to deliver by any specific time or date.


The risk in goods passes to the customer/premises/authorised recipient on receipt of the goods.


We will not be held responsible for failure of delivery, loss of goods whilst in transit, and causes beyond our control which inlcude acts of god, outbreak of war, civil disturbances, riots, industrial action, fire or flood, Governmental restrictions or prohibitions.


Goods will be delivered by an appropriate courier service, unless we are notified in writing to do otherwise by you.


Non-Delivery of items:  Please inform us and the carrier within 7 days of non-delivery of goods, damaged goods or loss of goods in transit.  

Upon receipt of your goods, they must be checked and signed for.  Please make yourself aware of any damages and either sign for as 'damaged' or refuse the goods.  No refunds or replacements will be made for any goods that are unsigned for or signed for as 'OK'.


Returns for goods that are unwanted upon receipt will be at the company's descretion  and does not include the items shown in the listing below*.  Any such returns will be subject to a fee (minimum £25.00) of which you will be notified in writing or by email and of which must be paid in full by cheque or by paypal immediately before returning the goods, the cost of which is the responsibility of the customer.  In such cases there will be no refund available where the goods are custom or bespoke made to order.


For genuine damages, the company will discuss a replacement or refund with the customer directly.  The customer must contact us within 24 hours of receipt of damaged goods to inform us of the extent of the damage and also to inform the carrier as instructed above.


*The company cannot accept returns on any of the following items:  Custom or bespoke signage, blackboard panels or banners, any work carried out with customer specific logos or graphics.  






To protect you, our customer and Brushstroke Signs, the company, please find below our Terms & Conditions.

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