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T&Cs Graphic



Artwork for blackboards is customised by us, the business, to reflect the nature of the promotion requested.  Any specific artwork that the customer requires such as company logos or detailed bespoke art must be mentioned at the time of ordering and any jpegs or pdf's showing the required art/graphics for reproduction to be sent by email.  A quote will be made based upon the nature of the art, graphics and size of the work to be produced and will be given to the customer for approval.  


All our prices exclude VAT as the company is not VAT registered at present.


A quote is made based upon the quantities and information provided by the customer.  Quotations are valid for 30 days and the Company reserves the right to increase the price to take into consideration labour, materials or other costs between the first day of the quote and the actual day of delivery.   The customer must make the Company aware of any changes before accepting the final quote.  Once the final quote is accepted by the customer, arrangements to commence the work will be made and an invoice for work done will be issued upon completion of the work.


If the customer cancels an order before its completion, or there are issues on site whereby the sign work is unable to be undertaken or completed then the customer will be liable to pay a sum equal to the cost of labour, materials and overheads.





Payment must be made in full upon completion of the work done as per the final order, or upon collection in person by the customer.  Invoices must be paid within 30 days or Brushstroke Signs reserves the right to add a 10% surcharge to the original total.


Payments may be made by bank transfer, Invapay, cash or cheque.





Please see the Privacy Notice for full details of how your personal information is handled.






Delivery of signage will be made by Brushstroke Signs, and delivery times and dates will be confirmed with the customer to ensure a convenent service.  


Please note: the company cannot accept returns on custom or bespoke signage.


Changes to any chalkboard work or traditional sign writing due to errors or amendments will be made at the discretion of the company.  There may be charges incurred depending upon the nature of the amendment if the error or amendment is the responsibility of the customer.  For any errors or amendents which are the responsibility of the company, Brushstroke Signs will make good the work at the earliest convenience and with no extra cost to the customer.



A quote is issued to you, the customer upon receipt of information relating to a specific job which you, the customer are entirely responsible.  You must make us aware of any ammendments before accepting the quote and these amendments will be taken into consideration and as such, the original quote may differ in its final sum due to these amendments.


The customer will be responsible for, and determine the suitabitlity of any product and its intended use when ordering.


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